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Simple Skin Care Tips for Mature Skin

by Susan Parker July 18, 2016

Simple Skin Care Tips for Mature Skin

Mature skin needs support but it's also important not to smother it with too many creams, serums and anti-aging products. All our products are formulated to be gentle and supportive with plant extracts, natural oils, anti-oxidants  and vitamins.

Your daily skin care routine doesn't have to be complicated but it should be consistent. 

Evening Routine in Three Steps 

  1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly using a gentle cleanser.
  2. Mist your skin with toner to balance pH and tighten pores.
  3. With your skin still moist, apply a nourishing moisturizer  and massaging it gently into your face and neck.

Optional Steps for Extra Support

  1. Massage a few drops of facial oil onto your skin after toning and before applying moisturizer. 
  2. Smooth a little rich eye cream around your eyes and any areas that need extra moisture.

Morning Routine 

Keep your morning routine simple. There's no need to cleanse again if you've done it the night before. 

  1. Splash your face with cool water and pat dry 
  2. Mist with toner 
  3. Massage a little moisturizer into your skin 

If your skin feels dry or you just want to give it extra support, apply few drops of facial oil before your moisturizer and pat a little eye cream into the eye area. 

Weekly and Optional 

Once a week or so use a nourishing facial mask to draw out impurities, dissolve dead skin cells and stimulate your skin. Our Rose Mask is gentle and nourishing with rose extracts, anti-oxidants, rose essential oils, pure clay and natural oils.

Solum & Herbe Product Guide for Mature and Sensitive Skin 

Morning and Evening Skin Care in Three Steps 

  1. Herbal Cream Cleanser or Micellar Cleansing Water
  2. Queen of Hungary's Water
  3. Rose & Silk Face Cream 

Products for Extra Support 

  • Herbal Eye Cream  - Our Herbal Eye Cream is infused with anti-oxidants and plant extracts for extra nourishment and support. 
  • Rose Facial Oil or Super C Serum  - Rose Facial Oil is a rich blend of oils and rose extracts to tone, support and rejuvenate mature skin. Our Super C Serum contains seed oils naturally high in vitamin C and other anti-oxidants. The essential oil blend gives it a light, scent reminiscent of grass. 

Weekly and Optional 

  • Rose Mask - A nourishing blend of moisturizing oils, toning hydrosols and pure clay rejuvenates the complexion drawing impurities out of the skin and gently stimulating the surface circulation. This creamy ready-to-use mask has a delicate wild rose scent. 



Susan Parker
Susan Parker


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