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Face Care Travel Kit

The travel kit works as an introduction to our facial care line or as what it says, smaller bottles ready to jump on a plane or train in approved sizes. 

Be ready when the opportunity arises, the products come packaged in a vinyl bag that will travel along with you.

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This kit of travel size products includes one ounce of Rose&Silk Facial Cream, two ounces of Cream Herbal Cleanser, two ounce of Queen of Hungary’s Water toner and a 5ml bottle of Rose Facial Oil. Packed ready for travel in a vinyl bag your kit will be all you need when you want to head out.


Cleanse with the Herbal Cream Cleanser rinsing with warm water. Apply a few drops of the Rose Facial Oil to the skin applying in a circular motion. Mist with a light spray of Queen of Hungary's Water and finish with a touch  of Rose&Silk Facial Cream.

Alternately use the Facial oil in the evening after cleansing and the Rose&Silk for day wear. The Rose&Silk Cream helps protect against cold and dry weather and keeps the skin from chapping. Mist with the Queen of Hungary's Water to moisten and keep the skin soft.


ROSE&SILK FACIAL CREAM Organic jojoba oil, organic sesame oil, organic aloe vera, organic apricot kernel oil, wild argan oil, rosewater, witch hazel hydrosol, pomegranate seed oil, calendula, roses, St. John’s wort, green tea; beeswax, vitamin E, pure silk powder, Geogard Ultra, sea buckthorn extract, pure /organic essential oils, flower essences roses, magnolia, elderflower & rose quartz gem essence. 

HERBAL CREAM CLEANSER Organic lavender hydrosol, vegetable glycerin, watermelon seed oil, organic sesame oil, organic aloe Vera, organic rosehip seed oil, organic tamanu oil, organic castor oil, witch hazel hydrosol, bentonite & white kaolin clays, organic lecithin, organic elderflower, calendula, dandelion, yarrow extracts, xantham gum, vitamin E, calendula CO2, pure essential oils including lavender, rose geranium, Roman chamomile, ylang ylang, flower essences dandelion, magnolia, yarrow, rose and pearl.

QUEEN OF HUNGARY'S WATER Orange flower water, Witch hazel hydrosol w/organic herbal extracts including roses, calendula, lavender, sage, violets, chamomile, yarrow, comfrey, cleavers, chickweed, rosemary, English daisy, lemon balm, self heal, elderflower and plantain, flower essences: apothecary rose, angelica, ladies mantle, magnolia & pearl gem essence.

ROSE FACIAL OIL Organic oils of sesame, jojoba, almond, rose hip seed, argan, evening primrose, castor, pomegranate, tamanu, herbal extracts of organic rose, violet, calendula, lavender, dandelion, pure essential oils, gem and flower essences of pearl, gold & rose.