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Chakra Balancing Body Oil

The scent of lilac flowers is notoriously hard to capture as either an essential oil or as an infusion. Even if the scent is elusive the flower's herbal contribution is the balancing of the body's chakra system. Since we like to use the bounty of our garden, we take advantage of the inherent balancing properties and team the lilac infused oil up with fragrant rose and jasmine waxes, add a little lavender, and create a delicious richly scented body oil.

To enhance the balancing properties of the lilacs we add flower essences to further aid the body to find its own sense of center and harmony.



  • Organic Sesame and Jojoba oil penetrate the skin providing deep emollient moisturizing benefits 
  • Angelica flower essence protects inner life and angelic Life forces 
  • Ladies Mantle flower essence restores mind and emotion to balance 
  • Bleeding Heart flower essence balances and harmonizes the heart center 
  • Pink Rose bud and Cecil Brunner Rose Essences provide gentle rose protection 
  • Gold Elixir Essence brings purity, protection and inner light 
  • Energetically active Flower and Gem essences gently balance and restore mind and body. 


Massage a few drops into the Chakra centers along the mid line of the body and gradually work out to the tips of the extremities. 

Balance, restore and compose mind, body and soul with Lilac infused Chakra Balancing Massage and Body Oil. 


This delicious oil is made from 100% organic oils of Sesame, Jojoba and Passion fruit seed oil, with wild extract of Lilac flowers, fragrant Jasmine wax, fragrant Rose wax, Lavender absolute & essential oil, Vitamin E, Flower Essences of Angelica, Ladies Mantle, Pink Rose bud, Bleeding Heart & Gem essence of Gold.



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