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Rose Salve

Roses, the Queen of Flowers in a half ounce jar, just perfect for lip balm, to dab on neck and throat and helpful to easing headaches and stress. Not as strong as perfume but lightly scented and can be used as a scented balm.

The jar is small enough to carry with you but take care in extreme heat like a car dash or near a heater so as not to melt the contents. 



A Rose salve in a half ounce glass jar. Perfect for purse and travel.

A tonic for the mind and body, Roses lift a heavy heart and ease a troubled mind. They tone and regulate a woman’s cycle, ease digestion and infuse the heart with warmth.

  • Fresh rose petals extracted in organic sesame oil infuse the rose salve with naturally occurring rose compounds
  • Rose beneficial compounds are astringent and toning for firm, smooth skin
  • Organic rose hip seed oil provides natural compounds that help maintain skin integrity and health and helps with scarring too.
  • Vitamin E, organic cocoa butter and beeswax provide anti-oxidant protection and deep, penetrating moisture. Rose absolute and rose attar and fragrant rose wax infuses the salve with a rich, fresh fragrance of natural rose. 

True Rose is one of the worlds most admired fragrances, and while often imitated, there is no substitute for pure, naturally derived rose aromatic essence. We scent our rose salve with rose wax derived from pure distilled rose petals that captures and suspends the fragrance.


Use Rose salve as a rich moisturizing lip balm, delicate rose perfume and in rose aromatherapy. Use on temples and back of the neck to ease headaches and stress tension.

 Treat your self to a rose foot massage before going to bed and walk on rose petals through the night.


Fresh organic rose extracts in organic sesame oil, beeswax, organic cocoa butter, vitamin E, fragrant rose wax, rose attar and rose absolute.


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