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Rose Splash

An important part of our Rose Collection, the Rose Splash is a combination of extracts of red roses in combination with delicate Middle Eastern rosewater. Roses are able to tone and beautify the skin due to their primary constituents, tannins and volatile oils including geraniol, nerol, citronellol and beta-damascenone. The later, beta-damascenone has been found to be a precursor of beta-carotene, a fore runner of vitamin A in the body.

An ancient herb of beauty and ennobling properties is the reason roses have a central role to play in our product line.


A blend of Bulgarian rosewater, witch hazel hydrosol and fresh organic red rose petal extracts tones and refreshes the skin. Known as the Queen of Flowers, roses have been cherished for centuries as a natural beauty enhancer and skin aid.

  • Natural rosy tannins help tighten skin and its pores for a smooth complexion
  • Hydrating rose and witch hazel hydrosol infuses moisture into the skin
  • Gentle non-drying toner ideal for all skin types
  • Supports the skin’s natural cellular function
  • Soothes irritation, blemishes and redness
  • Rose Splash comes in two ounces with a spray applicator


Sprits your skin with rose splash after cleansing in the morning and evening to rebalance the skins natural pH, tighten pores and tone. Allow it to dry slightly and follow with a moisturizer or facial oil. Carry it with you during the day to hydrate your skin and provide a little afternoon mood lifter. For the jet set crowd, rose splash is perfect for keeping your skin hydrated on long flights and rebalancing the skins pH after showering, swimming or bathing in hard water.  


Organic Bulgarian Rosewater, organic rose extract, Witch Hazel hydrosol.

 Hydrosols, also called distilates, are created during the distillation process of essential oil production. The fragrant essential oil separates from the water element. Hydrosols carry the delicate scent and skin benefits of the plant material. It is, essentially, pure water imbued with plant essence. Hydrosol are hydrating and slightly acidic helping to preserve and protect the skin's acid mantle while infusing the pores and cells with moisture.





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