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You want the very best skin.

After all it’s what you see each morning in the mirror.

Yet the years keep rolling forward not back, and your skin is happening now, not ten years ago.

Is the best way to care for your skin an eleven-step skin care ritual morning and evening?

That you don’t have time for?


(we love to include little gifts with all orders!)


We don't think so and if you agree, you're in the right place.

We make products that are great for the skin, but we also believe in simplicity and minimal fuss.

Simplicity of ingredients; we only use Nature’s best.

We then combine them to tone, repair and rejuvenate your complexion.

Our long term customers use the word trust; a lot. They trust our products to deliver pure, clean, non-irritating and beneficial results.

SOLUM&HERBE was founded twenty years ago on the principle of purity and commitment to the integrity of all our ingredients. Each ingredient has a purpose; nothing is used as fillers or extenders.


We help deliver Nature to you, simply, deliciously, and with love.

Blended by hand, using ingredients that Nature would recognize, we avoid the synthetic and man-made chemicals often used.

We have twenty years experience combining aromatic essential oils and seed oils, botanical infused waters and oils to create a line that supports and nourishes the skin, your skin.

We stand by our work! If you don’t like a product, or it doesn’t suit your skin, or it goes all natural on you (goes off which natural can do under extreme conditions) we replace no questions asked.  Ever.  Just let us know.


Who We Are 

Susan M Parker and Olivia L Parker have come full circle.

Twenty years ago Susan began by trying to protect her daughter Olivia from the beguiling allure of the beauty industry. What began as kitchen counter experiments in natural cosmetics has grown into a full product line and a well-stocked studio.  


Susan M Parker – Founder

Susan is often called an alchemist for her ability to take raw materials from the natural world and create new forms. She transforms raw plant material, clays and plant essences into combinations designed to support and protect the skin. Every product is made with natural ingredients that are compatible with the skin’s natural process of rejuvenation.

“Natural ingredients that spring from the plants and earth speak to our body in a language it can understand. The skin recognizes and responds to natural ingredients because they are compatible with the skin’s natural processes. Every ingredient that goes into a product is as close to its natural form as possible so that the skin isn’t stressed by fillers and unnecessary elements”. – Susan M Parker

 Her book, published in 2014, Power of the Seed: Oils for Health and Beauty, is a combination research paper, extensive listing of plant based oils, how to use the oils in skin care plus an extensive appendix containing technical data on the oils. 

If you have questions about oils and skin Susan is the person to ask!

Olivia L Parker 

After graduating from Boston University, Olivia spent ten years traveling and working in various corners of the world. She now brings her skill with words and technology to the business side of the company. In addition, her sensitivity and a deepening interest in essential oils and the art of perfumery complements the needs of the business in significant ways.

Always a student of the culture, Olivia’s understanding keeps SOLUM&HERBE relevant for the younger generations who take natural and organic skin care as a necessary part of their lifestyle.

 What began as a mother daughter relationship has turned into a woman-to-woman business partnership.


Founded in 1996 SOLUM&HERBE has always been dedicated to natural ingredients that enhance health and the functions of the skin.

We test all our products on ourselves and our willing friends and relations. Once a product is thoroughly tested on humans do we share it with the animals.  

Our name Solum (Earth), Herbe (Plant) SOLUM&HERBE is a tribute to the earth under our feet, solum, and the herbs of the field, herbe, our name encompasses the whole of the natural world.

Solum is both a geologic term for a soil-forming layer and the Latin term for clay, earth and soil. Herbe is the Latin spelling for the plants, the origin of the English herb.


Healthy skin begins with trust and understanding:

Trusting the skin’s natural process that seeks balance and health, and understanding that only clean products, derived from nature’s nutrient-rich compounds can maintain that balance.