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We use botanical oils, hydrosols, aromatic essential oils, pure clays, botanical extracts from herbs, flowers and roots and natural waxes to create our line of products. In combination they produce effective, functional and pleasurable combinations for face, body, and soul. Naturally. All our ingredients and raw materials are carefully sourced for purity and sustainability. Our skin absorbs up to 60 % of everything we put on it. From the time Solum&Herbe was founded close to 20 years ago, we've used only natural, sustainable, organic and wildcrafted ingredients.   

Organic, Wild-Crafted, Sustainably Sourced Ingredients. 

We source our ingredients organically whenever possible. Most of our oils, hydrosols and many of our essential oils are certified organic.

We produce our own herbal extracts from wild-crafted and sustainably grown, organic and non-certified organic farms and gardens. Our on-site garden in the Pacific Northwest produces the majority of flowers, herbs, roots and berries we extract for our line. Pure clays, beeswax, flower essences, pure silk powder, natural gums, powdered-fruit extracts, red wine, fruit enzymes and sea salt are staring members of our line. 



Botanical Oils


We use a wide range of botanical carrier, or fixed oils, for their very important place in good skin care practices. These oils support, nourish, tone, tighten, rejuvenate and protect the skin. They help to supplement naturally produced oils in mature skin and can help regulate normal skin functioning.

 We stock and use up to 40 to 50 different oils in our products at any one time. We even wrote the reference book on the place of carrier oils in skin care; Power of the Seed.

Essential Oils

Essential oils, thoughtfully blended, give our products scent while providing specific skin benefits. Scent receptors have been discovered throughout the body including the skin. Using essential oils is attributed to more than just nice smells, they can also stimulate desirable benefits for the mood as well as the skin. We carefully source all our essential oils and only use pure, unadulterated oils.  

Waters and Hydrosols



Hydrosols, once a by-product of the production of essential oils, are often end products for their beneficial skin care properties. Produced by the distillation process they possess gentle plant compounds that hydrate the skin tissues. We use beneficial hydrosols and liquid aloe extracts rather than plain water in our products. 

Herbal extracts



We use a wide range of botanical elements in our products for their ability to heal body, mind and spirit. SOLUM&HERBE was founded in the herbal world and we continue to look to Nature for her many gifts. Roses, calendula, borage flowers, lavender and rosemary, elderberries and angelica, dandelion flowers, violets, and yarrow are just a few of the many herbs and flowers we use. Harvested at their peak through spring, summer and fall seasons the plants are processed to make extracts of oil, alcohol, hydrosols, vinegar and glycerin. 

Our Creams and Emulsification Process



A cream is a combination of a water element and an oil element. The trick is getting oil and water to mix and stay mixed. We use beeswax to create and hold the emulsion rather than emulsifying wax. The beeswax is just a little closer to nature which we like and it gives all our face creams and body lotions a warming, soothing feel. The percentage of beeswax it takes to create an emulsion is very small allowing us to create light-feeling creams that absorb completely within minutes.  


Products that contain both oils and watery elements like hydrosols and aloe can develop undesirable growths such as molds and fungus unless preserved. Our preservative is ECOCERT approved for organic products. It is marketed under the names Geogard Ultra and NeoDefend, its chemical name gluconolactone. This preservative system uses hurdle technology rather than harsh and aggressive chemical compounds such as the parabens, urea and formaldehyde.

A series of preservation factors create hurdles that microorganisms are unable to jump - hurdle - over and proliferate in a product. These hurdles disturb the homeostasis of microorganisms that cause products to spoil. 

Do our products ever spoil? Rarely, but that is a risk with very natural products. We would rather risk spoilage on rare occasions than endanger your health or ours with stronger preserving chemicals. In the unlikely event a product spoils, we replace it no questions asked! And without you needing to return the squirrelly product.

What We Don't Use

All our products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate free, and free of mineral oil, synthetic chemical fragrances, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and silicones. Not being scientists but students of Nature we source from her laboratory, not a chemists lab. We keep our products fresh with a natural preservation method approved for organic skin care products. See the discussion above.


I enjoy knowing that what I am using under my eyes, is made up of all natural ingredients and is so rich that a little dab will creamy and luscious..Darlene Gibb