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With the launch of our brand new site we’d like to reserve this space for testimonials from our original website. Take a look and don’t forget to check out our spiffy new review section at the bottom of each product page.


Herbal Cream Cleanser

Amazing! This is the first cleanser that didn't dry out my face. It's absolutely amazing!!

-John Rochester, NY


Incredible This cleanser removes makeup on the first wash. It is incredible.

-Dede Woodlands, TX


The Best Without question, the best facial cleanser I've ever used.

Ashley, LA


I'm seriously in love with this cleanser. It's almost like I can't wait to wash my face before bed so I can feel the smoothness of this cleanser, the feel on my skin, not to mention the SMELL. It's like smelling an herbal store with each cleanse. I love it. I love what this has done for my dry skin also. It has become more moisturized and supple since I've been using it.

-Sarah Painter, Santa Rosa, CA 


I've had used two bottles of this cream herbal cleanser and it works great on my combination/dry skin! One bottle lasts me months, and my skin feels incredibly nourished after every use. Thanks!

-Stephanie Boston, MA



Rose&Silk Face Cream

I ran out of this cream right before a trip and was forced to go without for several weeks. I picked up several other creams to try from Whole Foods and was sadly disappointed. Rose & Silk Face Cream is the BEST. I've tried them all.

-Jennifer San Ramon 


Rose and Silk face cream is so luxurious. I live in the dry desert climate and it really helps keep my skin soft and nourished. Thank you so much for creating this product!

-Katherine Gaston 



Rose Splash

The Rose Splash sprayed on the face before the Rose and Silk is put on is the ideal way of wearing the cream. Perfect!

Pam S, PT 



Rose Elixir 

Rose Elixir This is the BEST, most versatile rose creation that I have ever tried -- and I have really tried! I used to buy a well-known Ayurvedic rose petal jam far too sugary among other things; rose glycerites are all syrupy/sticky and impossible to use externally; rose waters, even the fine imported kinds, are too subtle; and rose otto alone is overpowering; but this is a real elixir, has both substance and essence, with DEEP rose flavor and scent, plus gem essence and alchemical gold. Fluid yet full-bodied in every way!

-Mary Jo Magar, Las Vegas 


Rose Elixir is a scrumptious way of opening the heart chakra. I just put one drop on my tongue and I feel like I'm eating the fresh wild rose petals.

-Faith, Port Ludlow 


Queen of Hungary Water

This product is how I found Solum & Herbe, through an Internet search for Queen of Hungary Water. Gypsies, alchemists, beauties, and poets of the Old World would all give this their hearty seal of approval, especially in that the formula becomes modified according to season the way Nature intends!

-Mary Jo Magar 


I LOVE the The Queen of Hungary's water. My skin just glows from this. The perfect pick me up on hot, humid days and the prefect spritz before bed. The fragrance is just right! Thanks you so much.

-Deedra NOLA  



Digestive Bitters

DIGESTIVE BITTERS for sleep!Made locally by Solum & Herbe. Another product that is flying off the shelf and all due to word of mouth. Who knew! If your digestive system is happy, you sleep better. Many people who have suffered from sleeplessness for years have found this product works. To date, we have had only one customer it didnt work for! More information on this product is available in the store!    

-Suzy Carrol Uptown Nutrition


 I had tried everything for sleep - nutraceutically and pharmaceutically. Suzy suggested I try one more thing - Digestive Bitters. I am delighted with the results! I sleep, I'm energized, my mind feels clear and as an added bonus - its made locally here in town.

-Ilana, PT


Malta's Cream

I finished a course or 28 days of radiation therapy on one of my vocal cords 2-1/2 weeks ago. The burns (probably 2nd degree) on my neck were quite a site. A friend had been given some Malta's cream when he had radiation and fortunately there was enough left in the jar to get me through. I was quite amazed how soothing it was and how quickly it helped the burns to heal. I will be recommending this to my oncologist and hopefully will be able to sell him on it to recommend to future patients.Thanks so muchD

-David Rile Santa Fe NM    


I had some large red spots on my face after a Moh's procedure for skin cancer. I tried everything I could find to no avail... until I found MALTA'S CREAM ! It worked ! Thank you

Marty Alto, Port Angeles



I have used this at the recommendation of my acupuncturist for the past months. It is by far the best salve I have ever used. It soothes and heals, feels wonderful and smells heavenly. It has been wonderful for my recurrent sores and has helped to heal them fast. I found it to be excellent for the inside of your nose in the dry dry heat of the California summer.

Susan, Sierra Foothills, CA