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Balancing Oil Collection


Balancing Oil Collection for oily or blemish prone skin. Though counterintuitive, the best care for an oily skin is oil. But not just any oil, some are better than others.

The balancing oil collection kit contains camellia oil, an astringent oil that helps reduce excessive oil production. Watermelon seed oil, a cleansing oil that helps clean out clogged pores and minimize blemishes. Grape seed oil, a nourishing, slightly astringent oil high in omega 6 fatty acids, compounds that help balance skins fatty acids for a clear and unblemished skin. Tamanu oil is deeply nourishing and repairing helping reduce the appearance of scars and damage. 



The skin produces oil, sometimes it produces too much. To counter over production some oils are better than others and will feed the skin, causing it to relax and not be in a rush to replace oils that has been forcibly removed.



Each oil in this collection has a different feel and texture, and each will help improve the health of the skin in its own way. Develop your own rhythms with these oils, one at night, another after washing in the morning. One to keep with you during the day or spot treat difficult areas.


Camellia oil from the seeds of the tea plant is high in tannins and very astringent, an action that helps to shrink pores and tones the skin. Astringent oils calm the sebaceous glands by supplying the tissues with fatty acids and drawing the tissues tighter so pores are minimized and less productive.

Watermelon seed oil or its native African name Ootanga, has an amazing ability to control breakouts, while managing moisture and skin oils to keep them in balance. High in omega 6 fatty acids it is light on the skin and able to dissolve excess oils in the pores. B vitamins, minerals and zinc make this oil deeply nourishing and able to control breakouts and excess oil production.

Tamanu oil is a product of the South Pacific where it has been revered and worshiped for centuries. This amazing oil is deeply repairing able to help the skin be made new again. Use tamanu to help prevent scaring from too deep blemishes.

Grapeseed oil another of the astringent oils high in omega 6 Linoleic acid, a fatty acid particularly important to helping balance the conditions of acne prone skin. Grapeseed is a light oil and toning due to natural tannins present and rich in vitamins and minerals, flavonoids and natural chlorophyll. Regular applications of the oil help support collagen and maintain skin tone. Oil cleanse or oil mask the face with grapeseed oil.

 A collection of three oils in 10ml and one 5 ml pump bottles for ease of use.