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Black Seed Facial Oil

Native of the Middle East, black seed or Nigella oil is loaded with a bounty of beneficial plant compounds and important fatty acids. Black seed oil's strong aroma is derived from beneficial volatile oils helping maintain skin health. Married to Jojoba and Baobab oils and delicately scented with coriander, rose and neroli, this is a facial oil for men and women.

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Nigella (black seed), jojoba and baobab oils pack this facial oil with skin regenerating compounds that will brighten and balance the skin's natural oils. All oils are organic.

  • Black seed's fatty acid profile shows that the oil is high in omega 6 with a smaller percentage of omega 3, alpha-Linolenic acid (the essential fatty acids), in addition volatile oils and active ingredient nigellone, boost the immune system of the skin. 
  • Jojoba is an oil like wax that is similar to the skin's own sebum. The silky feel and protective long chain fatty acids supplement and nourish the skin.
  • Baobab, an oil of Africa, the tree is known for its longevity and the oil for its nutrient density that feed the skin real food and nutrition. 


Our organic Black Seed Facial Oil trades in the pungent aroma of the black seed, yet paired with jojoba and baobab, the Facial Oil is exotic and not overpowering. Coriander with a touch of neroli and rose make a luscious facial treat for morning or evening.

It is best to apply oils soon after cleansing and give them a moment to absorb into the outer layer of skin where they protect throughout the day.


INGREDIENTS: Organic Black seed oil, organic Jojoba oil, organic Baobab oil, vitamin E, Coriander and Neroli essential oil and Rose absolute in a half ounce pump bottle.


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