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Blackberry Seed Oil

Blackberry seed oil is highly nourishing with vitamins and nutrients native to the plant. Whether the oil contains vitamin C or vitamin C mimicking compounds the effects on the skin are clear. Increased tone, reduction of minor lines, improvement of tissue strength all result from the abundance of plant based compounds contained in the seeds of this fruit

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Blackberry seed oil is a light and highly nutritious oil for skin care.

  • Like the berries, blackberry seed oil is high in vitamin C like compounds
  • Blackberry seed oil is light and easily absorbed
  • High in a wide range of nourishing plant compounds the oil deeply nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids helping slow the aging process
  • Vitamin E, beta-sitosterol and carotenoids make the oil anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenging, able to soothe and protect all layers of the skin


Use blackberry seed oil as a facial oil and to replenish the skin and underlying tissues with vitamin C. Oils are best applied to moist skin after cleansing or bathing.


Pure Blackberry seed oil. Rubus fruticosus

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