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Calendula and Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea Buckthorn grows along windswept costal areas where it combats harsh UV rays, drying salt air and rocky soil conditions. This plant knows how to survive by transforming the meager resources and concentrating them into life sustaining compounds.

This rich golden-orange oil gets its intense color from carotenoids naturally present in the nutritious sea buckthorn fruits and calendula blossoms. Paired together, skin herb and robust shrub, the plants impart strong and nourishing compounds to the oil. Our Sea Buckthorn and Calendula Oil will love your skin and keep it healthy.


  • Naturally occurring vitamin E and vitamin C in Sea Buckthorn oil provides anti-oxidant protection and helps restore damaged skin 
  • Calendula extracts support natural skin function and sooth damaged, irritated skin.
  • Blood Orange essential oil provides additional anti oxidant protection
  • Additional vitamin E oil increases the skin nourishing effects 
  • Calendula, often known as the ‘skin herb’ for its list of skin benefiting properties, complements Sea Buckthorn for a restorative and protective skin oil treatment that soothes, smooths and penetrates. 


Use Calendula and Sea Buckthorn oil for massage and body and skin conditioning. It is high in skin beneficial plant compounds and makes for a gentle massage oil and healthy skin treatment. 


Organic Calendula flowers infused in organic Sesame oil, organic Almond oil, organic Safflower oil, organic Jojoba oil, vitamin E, Sea buckthorn & Calendula CO2 extracts, organic Blood Orange, Bergamot, Nutmeg essential oils with Fire Opal Gem & Ilima Flower Essence.


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