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Dattier du desert

A wonderful oil, new to the west, and another treasure from Africa, Dattier du desert is one of the finest oils for the skin that I have worked with. Known by many names, its Latin binomial, Balanites aegyptiaca identifies the tree but its numerous common names including wild toogga, desert date, corona di Jesus, Egyptian balsam, Laloub tree and a number of Ayurvedic names from India attest to its wide distribution and use. The oil comes in two sizes, one half ounce and one ounce.


Benefits of Dattier du desert Oil

The oil flows on smoothly, and is taken up by the skin yet leaving a protective barrier that has no heavy or oily feel. The fatty acids that contribute to this wonderful feel are strong in linoleic acid about 40%, next by volume are the saturated stearic and palmitic acids at 34% combined, then oleic acid at 26%. Lesser amounts of a number of beneficial fatty acids include palmitoleic, behenic, erucic, and lauric and myristic acids.

Using the oil

Dattier du desert can be used simply by massaging into skin right after washing where it will nourish, protect and maintain moisture in the cells. 

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