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Digestive Bitters Nature's Sleep Aid

Bitters should be a staple in every household; they improve digestion, aid in promoting sleep and in general tone the body and therefore the skin and organs.

Bitters have number of beneficial properties for the health of the skin, good digestion being the primary one. A well rested body is especially important for a glowing, healthy and unstressed complexion.


  • Our Digestive Bitters have proven themselves to be an excellent natural sleep aid for most when taken before going to bed.
  • Bitters have helped many individuals who have had long term difficulty falling asleep
  • When taken for sleep the bitters help improve digestion as a side benefit.
  • The Bitters are also useful after over eating or drinking to jump-start the digestive process making you more comfortable and helping sleep.


A modern busy life or the onset of the menopausal process can upset the metabolic system and make falling asleep at night difficult. Digestive Bitters help encourage sleep by shifting the body from the thinking, or mind pole where wakefulness resides to the metabolic, or digestive pole, which encourages the body to give up the day and go to sleep.

We recommend a dropper, about 3ml to 5 ml, with water if you have problems sleeping.  


Alcohol Bitters: organic Gentian root and organic Cardamom, brandy, organic glycerin.

Non-alcohol Bitters: organic Gentian root and organic Cardamom in organic vegetable glycerin and distilled water. 

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