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Echium Seed Oil

Echium seed oil, another new oil on the block, has lots of potential for our internal health but for our skin it should prove to be a winner.

 It has a very unusual composition that has the best of other oils and more! High in all the good fatty acids, linoleic, alpha-linolenic, GLA and oleic, it also shows a significant amount of SDA, stearidonic acid usually found in fish and marine products. So what’s so great about SDA, you ask? It’s highly anti-inflammatory, able to help the skin when it is having difficulties and can help it find balance and normalizing.


Benefits of Echium seed Oil

Called an omega 3 alternative, SDA has been shown to convert to the longer chain EPA fatty acid that is found in fish and their oils but not in botanical products. Having a botanical source of this type of fatty acid is beneficial to people who don’t eat fish and for its ability to convert to more complex fatty acids that our good health depends on. 

Using Echium seed Oil

As a skin care oil it is light, with an impressively high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the kind that the skin takes up readily and leaves no oily feel. It’s one qualifier is it has a light fishy scent that these kinds of oils often do. It’s not off or bad, just potent with high quality fatty acids your skin will love.


Echium Seed Oil



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