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Grape-seed Oil

Grape seed oil is a great skin care oil. Common in many kitchens for its light mild qualities and promoted for high heat cooking, we don't recommend using it with any heat. As a polyunsaturated oil it will turn quickly in the presence of heat. Turned oil isn't good to eat or use on the skin.

The polyunsaturated properties of the oil make it an excellent oil for removing make up, oil cleansing and for general skin care. It has little scent and so will not interfere with essential oils added for scent and Aromatherapy uses.

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  • High in the omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Light and able to penetrate the skin easily
  • Excellent for removing eye make up or oil cleansing the face


Use our blog post to try your own combination for facial oil cleansing. When using oil to remove eye make up use just the smallest amount and keep it out of the eyes. 


pure organic Grape-seed Oil 

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