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Green Tea Body Butter

Green tea whipped into tropical butters and antioxidant, skin loving oils, scented with an exotic combination of pure essential oils approximating a green tea like scent. We were aiming for green tea and the mood and aroma that are invoked by China and the East.


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Green Tea Body Butter made with vitamin E rich meadowfoam seed oil, mango butter, shea butter and coconut oil and organic green matcha tea delicately scented with pure essential oils moisturizes the skin and body. Pale green tea color and scent creates the feeling of traveling in the Orient. Best used while sipping tea at the end of the day.


An all over body moisturizer for hands, feet, elbows and body.

IMPORTANT Care of your Butter: Keep this jar away from heat sources. It is whipped to provide lightness and will melt if subject to heat. It will still be good to use but would loose some of its special character.


Organic coconut oil, wild mango butter, wild shea butter, organic sesame oil, meadowfoam seed oil, organic cocoa butter, organic powdered green matcha tea and pure essential oils.     

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