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Handmade Soap

Soap is one of the ancient domestic arts. Great soap lathers well, cleans the skin without drying it and smells wonderful. We constantly get rave reviews on our soap as it fits all of the above criteria. The key is in the formulation and choice of oils along with pure essential oils designed to uplift or pamper the bather.

Try a bar, you may never go back. Better yet, pick our 3 bar special, save a buck each, and note the ones you want when you check out.

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SOLUM & HERBE Soaps lather well and are non drying to the skin. Plus if they are kept dry between use they last through many washings.

Organic seed and nut oils pamper and soothe the skin and make long lasting satisfying bars that are pleasant to use. Pure essential oils scent these aromatherapy bars of lather.

When choosing the three pack let us know your selection when you check out.


MAKE THEM LAST! Don't leave the bars in a puddle of water. Keep them dry between baths and they will provide lots of pleasure for a good length of time!


We use organic sunflower, olive, coconut, sustainably grown RSPO palm, castor and sesame oils along with cocoa butter, shea butter, pure essential oils, flower petals, clays, honey and other natural ingredients.

We never use fragrance oils.



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