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Kukui nut Oil

The nuts of the Kukui tree were used by the native Hawaiians as lamps and burned as candles for light. Named candlenuts, the oil content was so rich that the nut had many non-food uses. As a member of the same botanical family as castor beans and oil kukui oil causes similar gastric upset and not used as a food oil. As the state tree of the Hawaiian islands, the nuts are pressed for oil for light and skin, and also worn as ornaments and necklaces.

The oil comes in a 1 ounce bottle

            The oil is especially rich in both essential fatty acids an important part of its usefulness in skin care. Containing vitamins A, C, and E the oil is anti-inflammatory and soothing. The impressive range of beneficial saturated and unsaturated fatty acids helps to reduce skin conditions that can be troublesome. Easily absorbed, and highly protective and nutritious to the skin the oil was used on newborn island infants to protect them from the sun, sea and weather.


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