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Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Meadowfoam seed oil has a thick but satiny feel, qualities that are unusual for a plant-sourced oil. Made up of a large percentage of long chain fatty acids the oil is pressed from the seeds of a flower native to the Pacific Northwest. This small annual flower Limnanthes alba and its oil seed crop are a fairly recent addition to agriculture in the US. The name meadowfoam expresses the way a field of the crop appears when in bloom, like white foam blowing across the sea.

Originally grown as a replacement for sperm whale oil, Meadowfoam oil is now grown as a crop for its unusual fatty acid make up that makes it a desirable ingredient in skin care products. Liquid at room temperature, it feels thick but not greasy, adhering to the skin and providing a protective shield.



Benefits of Meadowfoam Oil

The high natural vitamin E content helps preserve the oil as well as contributing antioxidant protection to protect skin cells. At 95% or more very long chain fatty acids, meadowfoam seed oil is particularly protective and rejuvenating to the skin. Its ability to protect against sun exposure and extremes of weather along with its comfortable feel on the skin makes it a great oil treatment. Use Meadowfoam seed oil on the skin, hair and for moisturizing and protective properties.

  • Exceptionally high in vitamin E and polyphenols, protecting the skin against free radical damage
  • High in very long chain fatty acids, 20 or more carbon atoms, the oil absorbs into the skin easily
  • The oil feels soft and silky yet thick and protective on the skin

Using Meadowfoam Oil

Use meadowfoam seed oil as a facial oil to protect and nourish the skin tissues. Its fatty acids penetrate the skin without feeling greasy and heavy. Apply the oil after cleansing and smooth into the skin.


Pure Meadowfoam seed oil. 

INCI: Limnanthes albe Seed Oil

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