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Moringa Oil

Moringa olerifera, moringa, is a wonder plant of tropical regions from India to Africa as all parts of it have been used for food, nutrition and industry. Called tree of life and similar terms in many native languages it is a nutritional powerhouse. Moringa oil, revered by the Egyptians and found in ancient tombs has a number of beneficial properties for use on the skin.

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Some of the oil's benefits include:

  • High in antioxidants vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin
  • Its fatty acids protect and improve the tone and texture of the skin
  • Use moringa for very dry skin
  • The oil improves the look of dark areas,
  • Protect the skin when subject to excessive sun exposure
  • Palmitoleic acid gives the oil antimicrobial and antiseptic properties helping maintain skin health



Use Moringa oil as a facial oil, body oil or massage oil. The feel on the skin absorbs well and is rich and protective. The fatty acids are an unusual balance of

  • Monounsaturated oleic acid that protects and conditions the skin.
  • The oil from moringa seeds has an exceptionally long shelf life due to its complex fatty acid structure.
  • Behenic acid has a very long, 22, carbon chain, is saturated and makes up a good percentage of the oil to protect and smooth out fine lines and signs of dryness.
  • A number of additional long chain fatty acids both saturated and monounsaturated are beneficial for their protective actions.
  • Palmitoleic omega 7 fatty acid supplements the skin's natural stores of this fatty acid while providing protection from environmental conditions and pathogens.


Pure moringa oil from the pods of Moringa olerifera

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