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Outdoor Living Oil Collection

Outdoor Living Collection  provides help living with the sun and its light. The sun is a vital part of maintaining our health; vitamin D, a necessary nutrient and one the body can’t live without, is produced in the middle layers of the skin in the presence of sunlight.

Sunscreens block the ability of the body to make what it needs. Many plant oils either protect against cellular damage by their antioxidant compounds or protect the cells by deflecting damaging rays while allowing important ones in.



Over use of sunscreens can interfere with health by blocking necessary bio-chemical actions between the sun's good rays and our bodies. Human beings have lived on the earth under the sun for a very long time an indication of the importance of the relationship.


Each oil in this collection has a different feel and texture. While all will help protect the skin from dryness and damage by the environment they can be used differently according to the conditions and feel of the oils. Develop your own rhythms with these oils, one at night to repair, another before exposure on a sunny day, or to condition the skin after bathing.


Raspberry oil is being studied for its ability to powerfully protect against damage from the sun. With a sweet but natural scent of the delicate fruit, raspberry oil won’t interfere with production of vitamin D while it protects the skin. The oil is absorbed into the skin quickly.

Kukui nut oil from the state tree of Hawaii protected the ancient Hawaiians from exposure to excess sun and salt. High in the omega 3 and 6 fatty acids Kukui replenishes the cells with vital fatty acids while it protects and nourishes the skin.

Shea oil or olein, from the same nut as shea butter, is packed with the same protective compounds. The oil and butter possess some of the highest content of protective and healing plant compounds. Shea oil is silky smooth and glides onto the skin easily.

Buriti oil from the nuts of a South American palm is bright orange! You won’t want to use too much lest you be mistaken for a carrot but it is the carotenes in this oil that confer vital protection against cellular damage and harm. Put a small amount in the palm of your hand and add one of the other oils to dilute these powerful antioxidants then smooth on to the skin.

 A collection of four oils in 10ml pump bottles for ease of use.