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Rejuvenation Oil Collection

Living forever may be our default desire, but being as healthy as possible for the years we do live is the goal. This applies to our skin as well as our body.

A handful of oils are exceptionally good for maintaining tone, providing nourishment and supporting the underlying tissues that loose their youthful structure when not well cared for. 



The oils chosen for this collection are of the nature to supply skin that is in danger of being damaged by age, extreme weather, and previous lack of care.

  • Argan and jojoba oil to protect the skin against weather and daily exposure.
  • Avocado oil, high in omega 7 fatty acids is especially beneficial for older skin and replaces what was naturally made in youth.
  • Pomegranate seed oil's unique fatty acids help thicken thinning tissues and supports the skin as it matures.


Use pomegranate oil around mouth and eyes in a concentrated form and blend with the rest of the collection for all over care.


Argan oil from trees grown in the deserts of Morocco survives in a harsh dry environment. The oil carries the ability to protect against dryness and is able to lock in natural moisture that keeps the skin looking and feeling full and plumped. An oil that absorbs easily it is high in plant nourishing compounds.

Marula oil, venerated for its ability to care for the skin, and called ‘miracle oil” it is considered one of Africa’s botanical treasures. High in a number of plant-derived antioxidants its ability to control inflammation and protect the skin is superior.

Avocado oil from the fruit surrounding the seed is packed with many nutrients and rare fatty acids that benefit skin as it ages. This nutrient dense oil supplies what the skin has slowed production on as we add years to our lives.

Pomegranate seed oil is rich in conjugated fatty acids that improve skin texture and tone, reduce inflammation and improve collagen repair and production. Use around the eye and mouth areas to tone skin.