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Rose Elixir

Ah, what can we say, the flavor of roses is at once other-worldly and calming. Roses infused into organic glycerin impart their special flavor that can be used in deserts, added to teas, or just taken 'neat' to get the full benefit of flavor.

Elixirs are concentrated potions that are intended to convey magical or medicinal properties to the recipient. We are not promoting our Rose Elixir as medicinal or magic, but you may disagree with us once you've tried it!



Made with our own heirloom roses steeped in pure organic vegetable glycerin for many months, this is an exquisite extraction and the essence of pure aromatic roses. The elixir can be taken neat in the mouth or added to tea or water to dilute the rose flavor. 

Roses are heart conditioning and tonic and come from a very large family of food and medicine bearing plants.


A sweet edible rosy elixir for teas, tonics and drinks. Immerse yourself in the Rose. Add to tea or water, in desserts and delicate sweet dishes.


Fresh naturally grown rose petals steeped in organic glycerin, distilled water and rose flower essences with 10% organic cane alcohol to help preserve. 

What is glycerin? Glycerin is the glycerol molecule liberated from the fatty acids of triglycerides. All oils contain these glycerol molecules which are broken off and separated during the process of making soap. Glycerin is sweet and thick, twenty percent heavier than the equal volume of water. Glycerin is used to extract plant material without using alcohol to make herbal glycerites.




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