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Rose Facial Oil

Facial oils are equal to and sometimes superior to creams and moisturizers for care of the complexion. Our Rose Facial Oil is a nutrient dense oil combination of antioxidant rich seed and nut oils, herbal extracts and pure and organic essential oils known to benefit the skin. One of our older products, we've been making it for years, it still has a loyal and growing following.



Rose Facial Oil protects and nourishes the skin with a combination of primarily organic seed and nut oils, concentrated herbal extracts and pure essential oils. This serum like oil is rich in plant compounds, antioxidants, vitamins and natural phenolic compounds that nourish cells and maintains moisture in the skin.

  • Designed to balance the skin's own naturally produced oils 
  • Supports the skin cells to help protect form premature aging
  • A light nourishing oil that supports the delicate skin on the face and neck
  • Ideal for all skin types. Rose Facial Oil helps control and balance oily skin, or improve the natural oil production of dry skin.


Put a drop of Rose Facial Oil on your finger tips and gently smooth over your face and neck. A drop goes a long way. 

Tips: Apply moisturizers and facial oils right after a bath or shower when the skin is still damp. A light spritz with an toner to tighten pores and prep your skin for the moisturizer. The oils in the moisturizer then help seal in the hydrating waters already on your skin. 


Organic oils of Sesame, Jojoba, Avocado, Rose hip seed, Argan, Camelina, Baobab, Tamanu, and Black seed, with Pomegranate, Raspberry seed and Meadowfoam seed oils, herbal extracts of organic Roses, Violets, Calendula and Helichrysum, Vitamin E, organic Sea Buckthorn extract, Calendula CO2 extract, organic and pure essential oils. Energetic essences of Pearl, Gold & Rose.



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