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Rose Hip Seed Oil

Photo shows the one ounce size


Rosehips are nourishing rose family fruit and the oil has a silky and luscious feel on the skin, absorbing quickly and completely creating a beneficial moisture barrier.

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  • Fatty acids are equally balanced omega 3 and omega 6, especially nourishing and beneficial to the skin.
  • Vitamin A and C are antioxidant compounds that protect and delay the aging process.
  • High concentrations of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial plant compounds help repair damaged skin and minimize scaring
  • Deep wrinkles, UV damage, dark spots, uneven pigmentation, and difficult skin conditions are improved by the use of rose hip seed oil.

  • Use

    Rose hip seed oil makes an exceptional facial oil as it regenerates the tissues and helps reduce scaring of the tissues.  


    Organic Rosehip seed oil from Chile. Rosa rubiginosa


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