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Rose & Lavender Salve

The pairing of roses and lavender is a pretty special marriage. A salve originally given to my son as a toddler to help ease a nightly chronic cough it is one combination I adopted once I began to make my own products. It's now helping the next generation sleep through the night.

Both herbs, roses and lavender are calming but in different ways. Lavender is able to de-stress without inducing sleep while the rose eases emotional tightness and un-ease.


Step into a world of calm with aromatherapy inspired Rose & Lavender Salve. Roses restore, balance and harmonize while lavender calms, relieving stress and tension in the body and mind. 

The combination of  rose and lavender create a synergistic combination that tones and calms the nervous system. Together they harmonize and relax the physical body and soothe the emotional body.

Excellent for calming and sooting small children and babies.


Apply to the lips for a delicate moisturizing lip treatment or rub into dry rough skin. As a perfume, a little dab at the base of the neck and on the wrists will gently scent your day. Gentle enough for children and babies, Rose & Lavender Salve can be applied to the heart area to ease coughs and help induce sleep. 


Eco-extracts of fresh rose and lavender flowers infused in organic sesame oil, with organic cocoa butter, beeswax, fragrant rose wax, organic lavender essential oil, damascena & centifolia rose attar & rose absolut.




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