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Rose Mask with Pink Clay

Roses have been used to beautify and tone the skin for millennia. Clay is a natural earth compound that is active on the skin drawing, toning and repairing. Combine roses and pure cosmetic grade pink kaolin clay and you have a mask that Cleopatra would have loved!

Our masks can be used as cleansers too, especially when you are short on time. Apply the thick clay combination at the very beginning of your tub or shower and wash the rest of your body normally leaving the face and neck area till the end. When ready to get out massage the Rose Mask into the skin for a minute and then rinse. You are cleansed and toned.


This deep cleansing and supporting facial mask draws out impurities, remineralizes, moisturizes and supports the skin with aloe, organic almond oil and natural clay.

  • Pink kaolin clay infuses this masque with it’s dusky rose color while repairing skin tissue with naturally occurring minerals 
  • Bentonite clay & white kaolin clay that draw out excess oils and dirt from deep inside the pores leaving your skin clean, soft and firm
  • Rose hip seed oil & vitamin E provide anti-oxidant protection


Massage onto your skin in a circular motion and leave it on for five minutes then rinse and pat your skin dry. Follow it up with a spritz of toner and a dab of moisturizer.

DEEP CLEANSE AND RESTORATION: Apply Rose Mask all over your face and neck with your fingertips using in a gentle circular motion. Relax in the bath for 20 minutes while the clay deeps cleans your pores. Rinse with cool or gently warm water. Follow with a toner and moisturizer to tighten pores and retain moisture in your skin.

Ready to use right from the jar, Rose Mask with Pink Clay goes on smoothly for a no fuss restorative facial treatment.


Rosewater, Witch hazel hydrosol, organic vegetable glycerin, organic Aloe vera, pure grade Clays of Pink & White Kaolin; organic Macadamia nut oil, organic Rosehip seed oil, organic Tamanu oil, organic Sesame oil, organic Rose extracts, organic Lecithin, fragrant Rose wax, Vitamin E, Xantham gum, certified organic preservative Neo-defend, Flower essences Apothecary Rose, Magnolia, Pearl.



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