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Roses Body Oil

If you hadn't noticed we like roses. We use them in our face care and we use them on our body. We grow large amounts of old fashioned fragrant roses each summer and this summer we are having a hard time keeping up with the picking and processing! Which means there is lots of rose soaked oil brewing with which to make our body and face care products.

Known as the Queen of Flowers, roses have been cherished for centuries as a natural beauty enhancer and skin aid. Try the Roses Body Oil on face, body, feet and anywhere else that speaks to you.


A blend of exotic oils scented of pure plant extractions and naturally tinted a gentle rose color with natural plant materials. Our reformulated body oil is pure indulgence made with the purest ingredients and free of any preservatives or non-botanical materials.

  • Oils high in omega 3 fatty acids are able to absorb into the outer skin layers and are found in the kukui and organic golden flax oils
  • Longer chain fatty acids are especially protective while providing necessary, and skin complementary oils to the outer skin layers and are found in the organic jojoba and meadow foam seed oils.
  • Botanical oils help hold in natural moisture so that the skin maintains its natural tone and softness 
  • The botanical oils support the skin’s natural cellular functions
  • Rose Body Oil comes in a four ounce bottle that shows off its beautiful natural color.


As a body oil it is best applied soon after bathing to hold in moisture and where it will be absorbed rapidly on clean skin.

To use as a scented oil apply generously to the body and enjoy the subtle scent. 


Kukui nut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic golden flax (camelina) oil, meadow foam seed oil, extract of alkanet root, fragrant botanical waxes and pure essential oils.





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