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Sun Glow Body Butter

Just like cream in the kitchen, oils and vegetable butters can be whipped to make light aromatic skin loving body butters. And they often look good enough to eat!

It takes a special blend of oils and butters from the botanical world like shea, coconut, mango and delectable seed oils to achieve just the right stiffness and moisturizing properties.

Sun Glow was our first whipped butter and highlights the sun protective properties found in the tropical oils. We also added a dash of highly antioxidant, read orange, oil to protect your skin from excess sun.


A soothing after sun whipped body butter, SunGlow is light and airy while providing deep nourishment to over-exposed skin. And it's not just for after sun. This body butter makes an excellent body moisturizer any time of year. This product is one of our newest additions to the line.

Scented with rose, jasmine, ylang and vetiver, it's flying off the shelves here in our town and getting rave reviews. Named SunGlow, it is a reminder of warm weather and designed to support the skin when exposed to excess sun. 


Apply SunGlow liberally after sun exposure or daily as a body moisturizer. 


Shea butter, mango butter, red rosehip seed oil and cocoa butter whipped into a light sensuous body loving cream.  




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