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Sun Oil

Red raspberry seed oil combined with shea butter from East Africa produces a dynamite duo that will protect the cells of the skin against environmental assault.

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  • Cold pressed raspberry seeds have a high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids and absorb quickly into the skin
  • Soft and buttery Shea butter, var. Nilotica is emollient, protective and absorbs well into the skin. High in natural shea compounds it is a traditional butter of Africa
  • Both oils are high in vitamin E and pro-vitamin A and have been studied for their ability to protect the skin against harm from the sun
  • Buriti oil from a South American palm with a generous carotene content is VERY red/orange.It helps increase the natural protective potential of our Sun Oil
  • Two ounce bottle or four ounce bottle
  • In cold weather this oil will semi-harden due to the saturated fatty acids. When cold, put bottle in a basin of warm water to liquify.


Use our Sun Oil on skin that will be exposed to the elements for protection. The oil will absorb into the top layers fairly quickly. Studies are showing the oil mirrors sun-screens that rate at between 28 and 50 SPF. This oils is NOT a sun screen however, it nourishes the skin cells, protecting by nourishment.


Pure Raspberry seed oil and Shea butter var. Nilotica, Buriti oil. 



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