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Vein Oil with Lemon & Cypress



Vein Oil made from organic oils and essential oils known to support circulation and skin health.

  • Lemon & cypress essential oils help support the movement of fluid systems of the body
  • Black seed oil helps nourish and warm the skin and underlying tissues
  • Calendula, the skin herb helps to ease problems of the skin before they 
  • Eases discomfort associated with swollen tissues
  • Stimulates natural skin function rebalancing and restoring the skin's healthy functioning.



USE: The oil can be rubbed on areas in need of increased circulation always massaging in well and towards the heart.



INGREDIENTS: Organic camellia oil, meadow foam seed oil, organic black seed oil, organic tamanu oil, calendula CO2, essential oils of lemon, cypress and grapefruit.  

2 ounce bottle